Keynote Speaker

Juli Bolaños-Durman

M.F.A. Glass (Distinction). Edinburgh College of Art. Edinburgh, UK.

B.A. Honors Graphic Design. Veritas University. Costa Rica.


© Miriam Levi, 2019

Emerging Costa Rican Artist & Designer based in Scotland with a background in Graphic Design, mixed-media and recent immersion into the glass material. This specific set of experiences give Juli a fresh and versatile vision when approaching research and the creative process by repurposing found objects and transforming them into precious artefacts that tell a story.

Winner of Jerwood Makers Open 2017, the ELLE DECORATION British Design Awards 2015- ECO DESIGN Category, Awarded Exceptional Talent (Promise) Visa endorsed by the Arts Council UK, Inches Carr Scottish Craft Award 2017, and her work is included in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) Collection. Lausanne, CH., Chancellor’s Fellowship Award Commission & the Royal Edinburgh Hospital 2017, UK.

Keynote Abstract

© Shannon Tofts

Through my work, I invite the audience to delve into a magical world of second chances, where waste material is the starting point. I create raw pieces that are put together intuitively through the joyfulness of play, exploring different materials and ideas to challenge the boundaries of art and its meaning. I’m interested in how this visceral bond between the maker and material permeates the creative process, guiding it to become something new. These objects honour the instinctual need to create something with our hands, and how this act of making connects us to our forefathers/foremothers and the future. 

© Shannon Tofts

These came to life by deconstructing discarded glass, reconfiguring the elements through play and embellishing decadent layers of hand-cut details. Bolaños-Durman is known for revitalising waste material by applying various heritage cold-working processes. Her practice is driven by a genuine concern for the amount of rubbish we produce as consumers. This series represents an opportunity to demonstrate both the traditional skills and artistic vision required to breathe new life into discarded objects; creating objets d’art personifying a story of potential. 

© Shannon Tofts

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Portrait Photography ©Miriam Levi 2019

Photography ©Shannon Tofts